Urban Legends: The Maze Game Review and Download

 for 6.99 USD only!
Hi there. Today we are reviewing a new Big Fish game - Urban Legends: The Maze. Review will be short, because I have not very much time. The Maze is continues traditions of  Urban Legends game series - game telling us about another creepy urban legend. Let's see game video to find out, what is all about.
As usual, we got to solve a big dark secret, finding something hideous and mystical. But game is realized good, graphics is top-class, so why not?
Urban Legends: The Maze Main Menu
Surprisingly for Big Fish, it released usual edition of the game without a peep. Usually for Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure games Big Fish firstly releasing Collector's edition for double price (14 USD) and only after month or so releasing usual edition for 7 dollars. Not this time. Lucky for us!
Urban Legends: The Maze screenshot 1
System requirements of the game are moderate enough for 2011 - 2.0 GHz CPU, Windows (not 98 :)) or Mac OS (10.4 or more), 512 MB RAM and about 1 GB of HDD. Quite normal for nice modern game.
Urban Legends: The Maze screenshot 2
Now let's talk about storyline. Game is dedicated to the reality TV show "The Maze" - all participators moving through the special scaring maze to the exit, first one who will find a way out is the winner. Unfortunatelly, in the day of game finale electricity blinked and TV signal was lost.
Urban Legends: The Maze screenshot 3
When the power was restored, revealed, that all game participators has been missing. Their inconsolable families hiring you to find out what happened and to discover whereabouts of the missing men and women. It won't be easy - you will face vengeful ghosts and some dark force, trying to stop you. Your own fear will be the most dangerous foe in your mystical travel.
Urban Legends: The Maze screenshot 4
Gameplay is pretty usual - look for Hidden objects like moth, badge, bail, handcuffs, glove, pills, walkie-talkie, scroll and many others, in hard places use hints, solve puzzles like hacking the safe - nothing really new. But it realized on high-quality level, so if you are fun of Hidden Object games - Urban Legends: The Maze is for you. Th only thing: this game isn't really suited for little ones, they may be scared a bit. Eventually we are talking about urban legends, right?
 for 6.99 USD only!

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