Otherworld 3: Shades of Fall (FINAL) 192.62 MB

Hi gays, sorry, have no time for reviews, for now it will be such format! Undo the Shade's curse, that turned Fiona into stone and imprison Shade in Otherworld 3: Shades of Fall game for PC! Shade wants to create an Eternal Winter to destroy all life on Earth. The only thing that can stop Shade is the Perpetual Prison, powerful artifact able to trap the Shade. But when you arrived to an ancient fay moor where Perpetual Prison is stored, you found it broken, and Shade cursed Fiona and turned her into stone. Now you must seek help from three Elder Fay to restore the artifact and undo Shade's curse in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
Visit underground town, where fae masters are living, explore fae palace, seeking for the royal family, restore Perpetual Prison, escape attacks of the Huntsman and pit Shade back in Perpetual Prison forever!


Title Post: Otherworld 3: Shades of Fall (FINAL) 192.62 MB
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