Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Game Review and Download

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Download link and Game Review
 Today we will review new wonderful Time Management game Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (it also includes Strategy, Puzzle, and Hidden Object elements). It's been a while since the first part of Magical Farm was released, but because it was popular enough, continuation was inevitable.
Those who played in the first part, will find much familiar in a second, although they can also see quite a few new features. Especially nice is to see a very noticeable improvement in the game appearance. But first, before we will talk about Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands more specific, let's see the game video, created by Big Fish games.
See, how nice are images here, how pleasant is music and surrounding sounds. Perfect for fairy theme, isn't it?
I must admit, Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands given to me a lot of pleasure. Game process is spectacular, although it similar a little to other time management games. Game creators taken all the best from the first part of the game and other Time Management games, added some new captivating features and in the result we have a real Time management treasure. Look how precious this game is!
Whole game world is green and grassy. Your magical garden is full of extraordinary flowers and plants, game interface emphasizes fairy's thematics of the game. You will plant funny living trees (some of them even will be carnivores), grow classy frogs and slugs, build tiny graceful buildings in fantasy style. In a word Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands game is really whizzbang. Also, you will play through various mini-games and few times even seek for hidden objects to solve some puzzles in the future.
But I am a bit carried away. Let's talk about Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands storyline. It's a bit funnier then story of the original Magic Farm game. Once again we are playing as our kith from the original Magic Farm Iris and Robin. But this time your task is not easy. You already have some Magic Farm and you wants more! So you (or Iris if you like) are proclaiming your participation in the Magical Tournament! If something will go wrong, your little faithful dragon will always support you in difficult times. But it's not going to happen, you are to win the Tournament!
He's cute, isn't it?
Participation in Magical Tournament means you will have all best to create best fairy farm. Old friends from original Magic Farm game and new creatures, unique for Fairy Lands, will help you to build the very best farm ever! Also, as I said before, you will have tons of unique upgrades and plants to use, so this game may capture you for a very long time. Almost every combination of plants and structures can bring you victory, one way or another, but not all of them will do it fast, so choose wisely.
There are also lots of various unusual quests to perform, so you won't get bored. Day after day (game's days, not the real days, I hope) you will irrigate your Farm, feed your magical creatures (very funny little monsters:) ) gather your harvest, upgrade your farms and all of that in a limited time (at least most of the times). Also, you have to create beautiful bouquets.
And with all excitement of the florist tournament game process, with all perfection of audio/video Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands has such a little system requirements! You will need only 1.0 GHz Intel or AMD processing unit, 512 Mb of memory and 135 Mb on your disk drive. Any modern operational system (Windows, of course) will be suitable.
So if you want to hear my advice and likes Time Management games, choose Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands for your next free time - you will not regret it!

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