Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor Collector's Edition Review & Download

 for only $ 13.99 USD!
Hi everyone. Today we are reviewing newest game from Big Fish Games - Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor Collector's Edition. This is another Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game. As usual, Big Fish Games Inc released Collector's edition first to retrieve maximum funds from gamers all over the world - you won't see usual edition for $ 6.99 USD in the near future. So if you wanna play this game soon - pay $ 13.99 USD and be happy.
But enough talking about sad. Let's better see gameplay video.
What may I say? Graphics of the Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor game is adorable but a bit dark and gloomy (what is excusable, game story is about demons), gameplay is absolutely usual for games of the such kind, so if you play any Hidden object/Puzzle/Adventure game you will not be surprised.
You will explore old manor, collect hidden clues and objects, experience exciting and creepy adventures, solve various puzzles. Nothing special.
Lets now talk about Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor storyline.
Your best friend has been disappeared, so you start to looking him. Found clues and evidence led trace of his to the doors of the Lockwood Manor - old giant abandoned house with long story of crimes, killings and dark magic.

They say, from time to time some evil witches and wizards summoning demons in Lockwood Manor. So there is one more thing you are going to find out. Can you save Jenny and defeat the demon?
First everything goes good: you are coming to  Lockwood Manor and meeting no resistance starts to explore it, trying to find your missing friend. But the more you found less you hope not only to save your friend, but also to save yourself. Wizards are still here (at least one of them) and demons too.
So it's up to you to defeat the demons and stop the demonic mechanisms, working in this cursed manor. Will you be able to save your friend and yourself after revealing dark secret of the Lockwood Manor?
As about me, I liked the storyline. I didn't told you everything, it's only the beginning, so there are many surprises, that awaits you before you can reach finale of the Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor. Only one thing - game is not intended for the little children, it's too dark and scary for them.
Let's now talk about complectation of Collector's Edition - I think you really want to know why you should pay $13.99 for Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor Collector's Edition? Complectation is pretty usual for Big Fish Games:
1. Bonus gameplay. Another chapter of storyline, fully connected with the main plot and including unique puzzles, hidden objects scenes and bonus videos. It will entertain you for an hour or two, so it's completely worth some additional bucks.
2. Integrated Strategy guide. Can help in complicated situations, there is even no need to close the game to see guide recommendations. With step by step explanation and pictures strategy guide is pretty useful and convenient. Forgot to say - usual hints are also included in the game.
3. Concept art. Some of it is nice and delectable, other - just a pencil sketches. I rather wouldn't pay for this.
4. Wallpapers. They are real nice, some of them you can see on the screens. But should we really pay for them? Don't know.
5. Music soundtracks. There are only seven songs, about two minutes each. Melodies are really ravishing, but that too few for my taste.
Summing up all 5 items, they may worth 7 dollars Big Fish asks for them.
Now about system requirements. Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor Collector's Edition don't asking much, it only needs you to have Windows OS (preferable XP or 7), CPU: 1.0 GHz, 512 MB memory, 537 MB free on your HDD (or flash-memory, who knows) and of course DirectX 9.0. Nothing supernatural, right?
So summing up Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor is good Hidden Object/Adventure game isn't dedicated for children. It's dark and grim, but storyline is exciting and gameplay is almost perfect. I recommend this delightsome game to everyone. Be a real friend - defeat the demon!
 for only $ 13.99 USD!

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