Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman Collector's Edition - Game Review and Download

And yet again Big Fish Games releasing new exclusive Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game - Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman. As usual for Big Fish, firstly it released only the Collector's Edition of Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman. Main difference from the usual edition - doubled price :)  Of course, there are other distinctions, but I'll tell about them later. First let's see that tasty game video, created by Big Fish team.
I suppose, you liked this video-sequence? Game is really beautiful. If so, let's continue our talk about Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman Collector's Edition.
Now, as I promised, I will tell you about differences between Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman Collector's Edition and the usual edition.
1. Game Wallpapers. They are nice, I can admit that, but I don't think that couple of pictures worth 7 dollars.
2. The Bronze Horseman Screen savers. Not many, but some of them are have turned out very good. I don't regret about a few bucks spent on them, though.
3. Bonus gameplay. The most important part of any Collector's edition - additional puzzles, levels and locations. They are giving you a more complete vision of the gameworld, allowing to immerse yourself deeper into the world of the game. In the Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman gameplay quests and puzzles are not a few, so you will be able to spend on the game a few hours more. I suppose, it's absolutely worth spending 7 USD more, especially if you really liked this game.
4. Integrated strategy guide. It will be helpful for those, who don't like to feel themselves stuck.
5. Soundtrack. Most boring part of Collector's edition, but someone might like it. There is about half of a dozen melodies there.
Now we'll speak about story of the Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman. It's quite unusual and interesting, that's a plus for any casual game. Everything in Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman starts in a small town, where something changed, changed to worse. Bad things going on at night, when good people are sleeping. In the end town was devastated by a terrible flood. And something strange is connected with this unpredictable flood and things, that happened after. After town being ravaged, folks were leaving elsewhere, so that is almost a ghost town now.

Moreover, the Bronze Horseman has come into the town, judging the guilty townsfolk and scaring the others to death. He hasn't come with no reason. Once he was trapped as the town's statue, but town’s mayor summoned him. Mayor becomes really mad after his son disappearance in the chaos and muddle caused by the flood. So while the Bronze Horseman is punish the perpetrators, your duty is to investigate the mystery of the flood, of the Bronze Horseman himself and find the mayor's son. Interesting, isn't it?
Game play of the Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman is pretty standard for the Hidden Object, Adventure, Puzzle games. You are traveling across the abandoned town, looks for clues about what happened in hidden object scenes, solving various puzzles to move forward, experience exciting adventures and watching game videos and animated scenes in key scenes of the game. However, all of this realized on the highest class.
Game system requirements isn't high for year 2011. Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman requires any modern Windows system - from XP to 7. It's completely enough to have 1.4 GHz CPU, 1024 MB or more RAM, less then 600 MB of disk space. And, of course, you must have installed DirectX 9.0.
So remember: the townsfolk are disappearing; the Bronze Horseman is rides! Face the mystical foes to return beloved son to his father and save the town! Follow a mysterious dwarf-kidnapper and stop his evil plans! Defeat the vengeful ghosts! Can you save the mayor's son?

If you are like high quality Hidden object games, want to play something mesmerizing, Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman is what you need!

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