Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition Overview & Download

Enter the abandoned Shadow Lake prison at Maine and face supernatural forces, lurking in the shadows...
Rating: 10/10.

Haven't been here for eons, but couldn't hesitate the desire to write about the new part of the best Hidden Object series in the world - Mystery Case Files! First of all, let's see what can we see in the gameplay video on YouTube:
Big Fish Games published Collector's Edition of Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake at November 20, 2012. For now on not only free demo available for download, but also you could download Collector's Edition, using button before previous paragraph. Mac version of the game is also available for download.
Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition may be truly named the most expected casual game in the world - game has Facebook Page, YouTube videos, Tweets about it are all around and so on. And I won't stand aside from this Mystery Case Files movement and will say few words about the game based on my opinion after playing demo. So let this review started!
 Actions of the game will be connected with the Shadow Lake Prison, closed and abandoned after incident, that happened there in 1979 and was connected to the escaped prisoner, that have been found magical artifact from the past.
As you may notice from the gameplay video and screens, graphics in Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition is absolutely awesome! Big Fish Games used services of the real actors to create in-game videos, Hollywood stars like Lea Thompson and Madelyn Deutch. I have never seen something like that in casual game before!
It's more like you're watching one of the best Hollywood movies, interactive movie where you're playing main role and can control actions of the characters. It is really incredible. Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake will make all casual games developers change their strategies, after this game it's hard to play something else.
According to the story of Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game medium of Ghost Patrol reality show named Cassandra asked you for help after visiting Shadow Lake prison. And both of you will try to protect humans from the paranormal attacks, aimed from the former prison.
As I said, graphics is absolutely splendid, and gameplay itself isn't boring too. First of all, it's pretty hard, not in a bad sense of "hard" word, but you will be forced to think and then to think even more to solve game tasks.
 For example, let's take first big task for you - entering Cassandra's room in motel. Her room is closed, key is hidden in the safe in the neighboring room of the Ghost Patrol. From the found note you discovering, that safe combination consists of license plate on the Ghost Patrol van, birthday date of the tech-girl and id number.
Number in Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game can be found in the documents elsewhere, to found license plate number you should go to another room where photo-laboratory is placed and process photo of the van from a film camera. But the most complicated part - to find birthday date. It's on the phone, that was lost somewhere in the room.
To find the phone, you must move out the bed to open access to the telephone socket, then found in the garbage parts of the phone, repair it and plug into the socket. Then you should found phone's number and call it (during ringing you can't see the number, so you just have to remember it, just like in the real life). And only then you will found the phone. And of course you must remember final safe code, because during code input you will be unable to see it in journal.
Summing up, Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game is incredibly realistic and exciting. And scary, if I didn't mentioned that. I have never play anything like this game before and I bet you did not too. You can download & try the demo, it's free, and if you like it (and I doubt it's possible not to like it) download or purchase Collector's Edition! You will not regret time spent with Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game!

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