Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition Overview & Download

Enter the abandoned Shadow Lake prison at Maine and face supernatural forces, lurking in the shadows...
Rating: 10/10.

Haven't been here for eons, but couldn't hesitate the desire to write about the new part of the best Hidden Object series in the world - Mystery Case Files! First of all, let's see what can we see in the gameplay video on YouTube:
Big Fish Games published Collector's Edition of Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake at November 20, 2012. For now on not only free demo available for download, but also you could download Collector's Edition, using button before previous paragraph. Mac version of the game is also available for download.
Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition may be truly named the most expected casual game in the world - game has Facebook Page, YouTube videos, Tweets about it are all around and so on. And I won't stand aside from this Mystery Case Files movement and will say few words about the game based on my opinion after playing demo. So let this review started!
 Actions of the game will be connected with the Shadow Lake Prison, closed and abandoned after incident, that happened there in 1979 and was connected to the escaped prisoner, that have been found magical artifact from the past.
As you may notice from the gameplay video and screens, graphics in Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition is absolutely awesome! Big Fish Games used services of the real actors to create in-game videos, Hollywood stars like Lea Thompson and Madelyn Deutch. I have never seen something like that in casual game before!
It's more like you're watching one of the best Hollywood movies, interactive movie where you're playing main role and can control actions of the characters. It is really incredible. Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake will make all casual games developers change their strategies, after this game it's hard to play something else.
According to the story of Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game medium of Ghost Patrol reality show named Cassandra asked you for help after visiting Shadow Lake prison. And both of you will try to protect humans from the paranormal attacks, aimed from the former prison.
As I said, graphics is absolutely splendid, and gameplay itself isn't boring too. First of all, it's pretty hard, not in a bad sense of "hard" word, but you will be forced to think and then to think even more to solve game tasks.
 For example, let's take first big task for you - entering Cassandra's room in motel. Her room is closed, key is hidden in the safe in the neighboring room of the Ghost Patrol. From the found note you discovering, that safe combination consists of license plate on the Ghost Patrol van, birthday date of the tech-girl and id number.
Number in Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game can be found in the documents elsewhere, to found license plate number you should go to another room where photo-laboratory is placed and process photo of the van from a film camera. But the most complicated part - to find birthday date. It's on the phone, that was lost somewhere in the room.
To find the phone, you must move out the bed to open access to the telephone socket, then found in the garbage parts of the phone, repair it and plug into the socket. Then you should found phone's number and call it (during ringing you can't see the number, so you just have to remember it, just like in the real life). And only then you will found the phone. And of course you must remember final safe code, because during code input you will be unable to see it in journal.
Summing up, Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game is incredibly realistic and exciting. And scary, if I didn't mentioned that. I have never play anything like this game before and I bet you did not too. You can download & try the demo, it's free, and if you like it (and I doubt it's possible not to like it) download or purchase Collector's Edition! You will not regret time spent with Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition game!

Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition Reviews,
10 out of 10 based on 732 ratings


Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector's Edition Overview & Download

What will you do, if evil witch will steal your beauty? Will you follow her to her lair?
Rating: 4.5/5.
Hi, friends, sorry for my vacation over 1/2 of a year. OF course it isn't a vacation, in a contrary, I have absolutely no time to write even about best casual games you can imagine. Now I'm back, but don't sure for how long. But what I'm sure of is that my posts will definitely become shorter because of the lack of time. 
Today we will review newest Hidden Object game from Big Fish, published in a middle of August 2012 - Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty. For now game released only for PC and only in Collector's Edition variant. But experience telling us that in the future Big Fish Games will also publish Standard Edition and Mac OS version too, we just have to wait. But lets get to business and we will start our review from the official gameplay video.
Great spooky landscapes and unusual story in Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector's Edition game, somehow familiar with the Howl's Moving Castle.
Exciting, but let's stay sharp and continue our overview of Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty.
Scary thing, huh? It's a witch, your in-game antagonist. And your protagonist will meet her very soon. Actually, at very beginning of Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector's Edition game.
Just at the beginning of the Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty story grandma of your character (20-years old girl named Angelica) started to tell you stories from her childhood, including story of spooky portrait from these times, portrait of her school director.
This woman was very dangerous and evil, every pupil in grandma's school was scared to death by her, and grandma wasn't an exception. They say even that director even was familiar with black magic. So when one day director glanced at the grandma, she just run away and never returned.
Director's name in Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector's Edition game was Madame Flemet. But when your grandmother said it, something horrible happened. Portrait of Madame Flemet suddenly turned alive and terrible creature, similar with Madame Flemet but likely eons older, came from there.
This morbid monster started some unexpected and horrifying actions in Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty game. First it took your grandma's soul, so she died. And then it steal your beauty, Angelica's beauty! Now monster turned into a nice woman, and you become ugly! Then witch has disappeared.
Now when Angelica lost her grandma and her beauty too, she must made a choice. She must start a witch hunt, and find a way to obtain her lost beauty once again and to punish Madame Flemet for her crimes. Fortunately, grandma leaved a trace - one of her previous stories was about Flemet's house.
So Angelica will travel there, break into Flemet's mansion and started her battle against the witch and her henchmen. She will discover, that Madame Flemet feed on captured souls of her victims and that's a way for her to gain immortal life. Is this a way to stop the immortal witch? Download Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector's Edition and find out!
Summing up, Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector's Edition game is pretty good. Graphics is realistic and great detailed, music is fine, tense in the right moments. HOS are well-drowned and interesting, and some puzzles are truly out of common. Finale hiding some surprises for you. So Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty game worth your attention and place on your hard disc. Good luck!
Rating: 4.5/5.


Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition Overview & Download

What can spoil the joy of inheriting a manor in the Great Britain? Only the Poltergeist!
Rating: 4.4/5.
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Hello, my dear friends, once again the time has come to review new Hidden Object game from Big Fish - Shiver 2: Poltergeist. As usual, Shiver 2 isn't pure HOG - it's also includes Puzzle and Adventure game elements, and that's good. And as usual Big Fish Games released on March 2012 only Collector's Edition of the Shiver 2: Poltergeist game. Big Fish simultaneously released game for PC (download link can be found upper) and for Mac. Standard Edition will be available in the end of April. Or never :) But speaking seriously lets firstly watch video with gameplay elements, and only then we can do some conclusions about game.
Nicely drawn landscapes and locations, great interactive game videos, looking like a real thriller to me. Also Shiver 2: Poltergeist includes pretty interesting story. Can't say it's revolutionary but it isn't boring too. At least I payed attention to the storyline until the very end of game.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Game menu.
Long time ago a young girl was in love with the master of the Kangale Estate. He loved her too, and their destiny was appeared to be great and happy. But that was only a dream, reality changed everything to worse. Much, much worse.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Hidden Object scene.
From the ancient times there is some supernatural force in the Kangale Estate and it claimed to have influence on the actions that are happening there. Those force didn't like the girl and didn't want her to be a mistress of the Estate. That's why she died.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Butler is happy to see you.
When the girl visited the lighthouse, the fire suddenly started. She was cut off from the exit by the fire, and firestorm was spreading dramatically fast. The only way for her  was to go up to the lighthouse's top. But there was no salvation, fire followed her there, so the only way for her was to jump. Her beloved one seen the fire, he took the boat and sailed to the lighthouse, but he was too late. Girl jumped, girl died.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. You like the fire? Poltergeist like it!
But all of this is history. Your avatar's name is Ricardo Chellini and until the age of thirty his life was really dull. But then he received a letter that he inherited a manor in England. The Kangale Estate. And now the time has come for scary adventures!
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Build up the way to the whirlwind.
Estate placed on the island, where even in the middle of summer you won't see the light of sun - only the myst and the rain. You took the boat and sailed to the island, to your new home. No one met you on the pier, but it's even better: you can familiarize yourself with your manor by the way you want.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Peaceful sunny valley... But what can you expect from England?
Soon Ricardo will find out, why the game is called Shiver: Poltergeist. Strange things will occur with him all the time. It's enough to turn around - and objects behind your back will change their positions. Fire in the Fireplace will appear by itself, doors will open and close whenever they want. Scary place to live.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Octopus is watching you.
Some rooms and even buildings around the manor are ruined or half ruined: looks like they was abandoned many years ago. Meet the ghosts from the past times (they can be seen in the mirrors and dark rooms of the manor) and find out, what gruesome actions happened in the Kangale Estate!
If you experienced some technical problems - go to the game forum.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Basement is waiting.
Now about my impressions and feelings from the Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. First of all, it's continues the story of the first game - Shiver Vanishing Hitchhiker, but the connections between the stories are weak. Gameplay is interesting, but there is nothing extraordinary - simple puzzles, usual Hidden Object scenes. But there is also no significant cons in the game.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Perfectly clean room.
Main Shiver: Poltergeist game advantage is atmosphere. It's really great, you feeling that there is no hope for the lost souls and maybe there is no hope for you either. And by the way, piano melodies in the game are just perfect.
Buying Collector's Edition of Shiver 2: Poltergeist will give you some pleasant bonus features (absent in the Standard version) - Integrated Strategy guide, bonus gameplay (more quests connected with the rusty lighthouse and ferry), Wallpapers (in various resolutions) and Concept Art. As you may notice, everything is pretty standard for Big Fish Games Collector's Editions.
Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition. Lighthouse. There's where everything begins.
What I may say in addition? There is nothing really new or revolutionary in this game, but Shiver 2: Poltergeist Collector's Edition will be successful because of this great atmosphere of darkness and despair. Ghosts are suffering and you can feel those suffers. No hope, no salvation can be found in the Kangale Estate. And that is why gameworld is so bogging, that's why it's hard to stop playing. Download Shiver 2: Poltergeist CУ - it's worth it.
Rating: 4.4/5.
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Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition Overview & Download

Old spooky tales... The are too different from the modern ones, too scary, old tales often appear to be too real. But what if some of them ARE real? 
Rating 4.7/5
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Hi there, Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition was released today by Big Fish Games so the time has come to review it. You won't be surprised if I say that Living Legends: Ice Rose is Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game - Big Fish Games traditionally publish exclusive Collector's editions of the games that belongs to this genre combination. But let's talk not about Big Fish but about Living Legends: Ice Rose game, developed by the Friends Games and we will start with the gameplay video:
As you may see, Living Legends: Ice Rose game is based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale about Kai, Gerda and Snow Queen. Graphics is good, gameplay is comfy and interesting so let's talk about game features and storyline.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition Main Menu
As you may remember in the tale "The Snow Queen" by the Hans Christian Andersen little boy and girl, Kai and Gerda are struggled against the evil Snow Queen, queen of the snowflakes. Snow Queen is immortal and year after year she traveling across the earth with the snow. She is just the same in the Living Legends: Ice Rose game. The tale begins when Snow Queen meet them and liked Kai, so Queen abducted him and enslaved his mind, using the splinters of the troll-mirror. Kai almost forgot about Gerda, went freely and willingly with the Snow Queen and become her loyal servant.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Nice snowy landscapes.
Snow Queen taken Kai to her snow palace in the lands of permafrost and promised, that if he will collect the word "eternity" from the shards of the troll-mirror, Queen will made him immortal too and moreover - will made him equal to herself. Mirror shards in the Kai eye and heart made him to see and feel reality distorted, to wish power and to control snow armies. He start to suspect his beloved Gerda in some evil intents, his heart become cold and cruel.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Iced funicular.
But Gerda willing to loose everything but not Kai. She went into dangerous journey, looking for Kai. For example, sorceress tried to control Gerda and to leave her with herself forever, but Gerda remembered the roses, most important flower for them and freed herself. Raven and princess helped Gerda, giving her right directions and warm clothes. Robbers captured Gerda but robber girl decided that Gerda is her playmate and helped her. After multiple adventures she went to the snow palace and find Kai. Witch of Finland helped Gerda to find a way to save Kai, and Gerda actually did it.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Hidden Object scene.
Gerda used her love to made shards of the troll-mirror fell from the Kai's heart so them combined the word "Eternity" and freed Kai from the influence of the Snow Queen.Kai and Gerda run away and lived happy long life.
But all of this just a tale isn't it? And Andersen's warning about the land of the snow queen is just a silly superstition, right? In Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition you will find out, that it's not true.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Abandoned coach.
Icy realm of the Snow Queen still fascinates adventurers. Once prosperous city of Rosemount has been vanished:  now it's covered with snow and all citizens are turned into the icy statues.  So famous novelist Edward Grand travel to the Rosemoun, looking for the story for his new book. What can be more exciting than the story about iced ghost-town. He don't believe in the stories about the Snow Queen, and honestly, who believes this childish tales nowadays? Even though a century ago the great Hans Christian Andersen bequeathed to stay away from this cold beauty, fairy tales are not decree for the young ones. And that was Edward's main mistake.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Find the teapot.
Edward find a clues, leading him to the snow palace, so he went there to explore it and collect the evidence. But soon after beginning of the Living Legends: Ice Rose, Snow Queen captured Edward, just as Kai once, after him found the shards of the troll-mirror. Therefore, a new Gerda sets off to save the new Kai (aka Edward), and on the way she will meet original Kai and Gerda, only very aged. The old tale in a new cover is beautiful, like many years ago.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Find the white rabbit!
Exploring frozen landscapes you will meet many characters (most of them will be ghosts) and desperately trying to find a way to free Edward from the troll-mirror possession and save him from the Snow Palace. Music in the Living Legends: Ice Rose is just wonderful - sad and quiet, based on the violin's melodies it creates incredible atmosphere. Graphics is also great, and the most important thing is connected with roses. Roses are you guiders and saviors, in the harsh situation find and use the rose or something with rose's symbolics - it will help.
Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition. Ahoy, in the castle!
In the end of Living Legends: Ice Rose you will face the Snow Queen herself, and she won't be kind to you: jump away from your funicular before she will throw it into the abyss! Face the living legend, save Edward! Can you thaw out a town and Edward's heart? Download Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition and find out!
Collector's Edition includes traditional set of additional features - strategy guide, bonus content (chapter where you should thaw one more heart), screenshots, music, wallpapers, concept art, bonus puzzles and screensavers.
Living Legends: Ice Rose is a great game, opening a world of Andersen's classical tale from the unexpected side. I liked it and I hope you will like it too. It has great graphics and very interesting tense storyline. Since you can try it before you buy it I strongly recommend you to do so. Try Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition and have tons of fun!
Rating 4.7/5
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