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Hello, my dear friends. Sunday has come and it mean that's time for a new review! Today I'm going to make autopsy :) of the newest Hidden Object Game from Big Fish Games Studios - White Haven Mysteries. Traditionally, Big Fish released Collector's Edition of the game to gain maximum profits from the casual gamers - CE can be bought only for $13.99, when usual edition has price from $6.99 to $ 2.99. There is also Mac version available for $2.99. So let's see, is White Haven Mysteries really worth money they are asking for it.
Gameplay video is really surrealistic and spooky, looks like White Haven Mysteries is a good variant to spent evening or two. But let's analyze this Adventure more carefully - I don't want to recommend you something boring or stupid :).  Of course, I'm not going to supply you with Hints, Tips, Guide, Tricks, Answers, Codes, Passwords, Faq, Cheats, Solutions, complete Walkthrough or something like that, if you need it - go here.
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Main Menu
From the first look White Haven Mysteries game start is pretty usual - you are waking up in the abandoned building, you have no clue, what are you doing here and who are you, some mysterious man are trying to catch you. But there is one main difference from other games - you were drugged and side effects of it are still working! So if you will see dancing dead people, flying squirrels, red sky, bloody surgeons, moving walls,fireballs and demons - don't be surprised - thats all because of drugs. Or not all - surgeon is real and he is after you!
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 1
That's what making White Haven Mysteries such interesting and complicated: more often your main problem is not to find some well-hidden object or to solve a mind-cracking puzzle, but to understand are you see the real objects and characters or you just delusional. And you better be absolutely sure before making other step - some threats in this abandoned building are real and may led you back to the surgeon's table for his merciless experiments.
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 2
Some of his manipulations coming to you in a horrifying flashbacks, I suppose, the most terrible of them character of White Haven Mysteries will watch in his nightmares over and over again until his death.
And the most horrible thing you have no idea who you are, what is your name, address, social position and biography, look like that's another side effect of your kidnapper's drugs.
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 3
Feedback in White Haven Mysteries realized really great - you see from the eyes of the kidnapped human, watch what he see, experiencing hallucinations, falling, temporary blindness... You can hear your avatar heartbeat, feeling everything that he feel. And music in the game is really something! Incredibly chilling and atmospheric, it reminded me at the same time about Nightmare on Elm Street and Dead Space.
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 4
You have one single chance to discover your identity, so don't spoil it, use your wits! Look like the house you're exploring isn't friendly - some traps awaits you here, bats will attack you, so beware! But your life and mind are on stake in White Haven Mysteries, so break through every obstacle on your way! Road blocked - blow it! Escape from White Haven!
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 5
With a horrible flasbacks you will remember how mysterious doctor terribly taunts you with crazy experiments. And moreover, it's unlikely that drug's action are passing, on the contrary, visions and physical illness becoming stronger with the time! Looks like the drug from the crazy psycho is destroying your body, so you must do something while you still can. Soon after the beginning you will find out, that there is an antidote, so you must find it fast to restore your health (including mental) from the drug action. Interesting start, huh?
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 6
And now let's see, what can we found inside the Collector's edition of White Haven Mysteries. Set is 100% traditional for Big Fish:
1. Bonus chapter and some other bonus puzzles & scour hidden object scenes. Chapter has it's story, connected with the story of main gameplay, other puzzles are independent.
2. Integrated Strategy Guide. It composed like an old expensive book with a clickable pictures. Usual but nice.
3. Wallpapers & Concept art. Nothing extraordinary.
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition Screenshot 7
All White Haven Mysteries game components are great. You are living through the life of your avatar and empathizing him really much. Hallucination's technique, making you much closer with your protagonist, is almost innovative for casual games. Graphics may be just a bit better, but music and sound may gain 11 from 10 rating. So I recommend this game to everyone who loves scary and spooky Hidden object games. Good luck!
Rating: 4.9/5.
Download White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition
Buy White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition for $13.99!
 for $13.99 only!

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