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Hi, friends. Today the time is come to see the second part of the Grim Tales game series - Grim Tales 2: The Legacy. Big Fish Games Studios just released Collector's edition of this splendid Adventure Hidden Object Puzzle game. And our review traditionally will start with the gameplay video.
What can we see from the gameplay elements, shown in this video? First of all, graphics is improved versus the Grim Tales: The Bride, and improved much. Music is good, but nothing special. Of course, the most important element for any casual game, including Grim Tales: The Legacy is the combination of storyline and gameplay. Lets examine the combination in Grim Tales 2 more closely.
Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition Main Menu
In Grim Tales: The Legacy first thing you will notice is your car making its way in the dark and gloomy fog. You are heading to your sister, the closest part of your family. You haven't seen her for years, actually, from the beginning of her marriage. And now she's invited you, invited to the very important cause - the Christening of her son. Something in invitation may appear strange, for example, her formal tone and a little taste of fear that touched you, when you were reading this invitation - it's like your sister was afraid of something so much, that her fear soak into the paper.
Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition Screenshot 1
And now you are going to see, how John, husband of your sister Luisa treated her. Christening is important moment of any life, so you will see, how's your nephew living too. When Luisa was engaged and than married with John, she was looking so happy, so pretty. She told you that John is her only one, the truly beloved of her heart and soul. But after the wedding they came int the John's old estate and break all the connections with others, including you and Luisa's friends. Now you are going to discover, what happened. That's the beginning of Grim Tales 2: The Legacy.
Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition Screenshot 2
The mist becoming even darker and suddenly you car is hitting the tree. You are unharmed, but the car is irreversibly broken. Fortunately, you can see the estate from the place of the car accident, so all you has to do is to make a little walk. So you are entering the manor without unnecessary noise.
Estate is looks just like a middle-ages castle, and with a light heart you are entering, expecting to make a surprise. But you will be surprised yourself. And just before the estate's entrance you nearly died second time this night - giant statue of gargoyle has fallen almost on your head. Was this an accident, or someone don't want you to meet your sister? Playing Grim Tales 2: The Legacy is the only way to find out!
Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition Screenshot 3
Manor looks like fully deserted. You can't found neither handsome John (tall, brown-hair, black eyes) nor beautiful Luisa (middle height, blond-hair, blue eyes) in the estate. And there is something strange, some tiniest feeling about this manor: something wrong. It's too quiet here, no one meets you near the house, there is no one in the hall... Your steps becoming more and more careful. And soon in the silence, that captured the house of your sister you starting to hear something, very horrifying sounds.
Soon you are finding out, who is the reason of devastation and strange sounds: giant beasts are here and they aren't look friendly. Bear-size wolfs with the red shining eyes are chasing you now and it won't be easy to trick them. Looks like those ravenous beasts are everywhere and you may expect the worst about your sister's fate. But you can't leave the estate without exact knowing about your nephew, John and Luisa's fates. Maybe, you are the only one able to save them.
And what is the secret lies behind this grim tale? What legacy is expecting your nephew?
Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition Screenshot 4
Now let's see, what bonuses you can found inside the Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition:
- Bonus Gameplay. Includes a little story twist with a few new puzzles and additional hidden object scenes. I really loved puzzle with a paint, so recommend you to try.
- Integrated Strategy guide. It may really come in handy, because some puzzles are really hard to solve, and sometimes hidden objects are hidden too well :) (but of course hints are helpful enough for such cases). If you stuck - use it!
- Wallpapers & Concept art. Some of them includes werewolf's spoilers, so beware ;)
- Musical Soundtrack. Good instrumental melodies, pleasant and atmospheric.
Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition Screenshot 5
Summing up, Grim Tales: The Legacy game is high-class. Story is interesting and you want to know, what really happened, graphics, music, gameplay - everything is really good. I can't see any serious flaws or cons here. But there is something... Game hasn't touches me, hasn't got the answer from my heart. Maybe it caused by Christmas/New Year, maybe there is really something wrong with the game. Don't know. But without this feeling "Wow, incredible!!!" even if there is not a single reason for it's absence, I can't give Grim Tales: The Legacy better rating. Good luck!
Rating: 4.5/5.
Download Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition
Buy Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector's Edition for $13.99
for $ 13.99 only!

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