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Hello, my dear friends. As usual for the lost months, Big Fish Games releasing new exclusive Collector's editions of the Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure games twice in a week - on Thursdays and Sundays. Today isn't an exception, so meet the new game of this classical genres unity - Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres! This is a Collector's edition of the second part of Time Mysteries game series. Let's start my review with gameplay video of The Ancient Spectres.
Traditionally good graphics, interesting complication of the plot, good gameplay. All what we need for a good Hidden object game. But let's watch more specific.
As you may remember, first part of the game was called Time Mysteries: Inheritance. It told us about girl from the ancient Ambrose family - Vivien, who has found inside herself an ability to travel through time. Some evil time traveler kidnapped her father, so she must travel through times to save him and reunite. Unfortunately, enemies of Ambrose family didn't travel to future, so all we can see is the old good past of our lands.
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres main menu
 As usual, in Time Mysteries: Inheritance you were meeting ghosts, some of them were good, others - no. So Vivien several times used mysterious crystal ball, traveled into the past and finally saved her father. In the second part of the game, Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres, you are playing as her descendant - Esther Ambrose.
But the first part makes gamers to be suspicious about the sequel, and not without the reason. Graphics of the first part wasn't so good, as in the second one. Moreover, the game itself wasn't really interesting. Although the story was good, gameplay wasn't. Playing Time Mysteries: Inheritance was really boring, huge amount of gamers faced many major errors (some of them were critical, making impossible to complete the game). In the other words Time Mysteries: Inheritance become the disaster.
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres screen 1
That is why many players had a bad feeling about Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres, but fortunately, they were wrong. Developers done their homework and correct the mistakes, that doomed the first part to fail. Although storyline continues the story of Ambrose family, Time Mysteries 2 is a brand new game. Graphics become much better, puzzles isn't boring, some of them even unusual and exciting (that isn't happens often with Hidden Object games - thousands of previous games usually used all possible quests and puzzles). Atmosphere of the game is immersing and mesmerizing, so if you are played Time Mysteries once and dislike it - you should try Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres anyway.
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres screen 2
Story tells us about Esther, who can time travel too. In her travels she meets an evil witch Viviana, who is also time traveling and wants to completely destroy the Ambrose family. You will battle her, traveling from time to time and correcting all disruptions, made by witch's actions. Meet your old forgotten ancestors, help them to beat the witch curse and completely defeat her! Explore the history of your old and honored family, make changes into this history - changes for good!
And you must remember two important things. First: all changes, made in the past, even the smallest ones, can affect the future very impressive way. For example, you changing the fate of good member of Ambrose member to better may cause the family in an era or so to leave their country. Or to vanish completely. So be vise and careful while changing the past.
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres screen 3
 Second: game's name includes The Ancient Spectres part so be sure - you will meet them. And remember - ancient spectres isn't the ones you may want to disappoint, or even worse - to make angry. Be careful with them, listen to them and do everything they will tell you.
Summing up, Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres game is good. Developers correct their mistakes from the first part, gameplay is exciting and the plot too. Collector's Edition's complectation is usual for Big Fish (Wallpapers, Concept Art, Bonus gameplay and Integrated Strategy Guide). So I recommend this game to everyone (fortunately, story has no tight connections with the first part, so you shouldn't lose your time on Time Mysteries: Inheritance). Good luck!
for only $ 13.99 USD!

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