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Hi there. Today  we will review newest Hidden Object Adventure Puzzle game - Azada: In Libro. As usual for good quality Hidden Object Games, game releaser Big Fish Games firstly released Collector's edition of the game to retrieve maximum profits from the game. But let's forget about sad and watch gameplay video.
As you can see, Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition game is pretty cool. In this game you will travel to the capital of Czech republic - Prague. You will travelling by the train, but your travel won't last long. Your seeking of an inheritance will stop by finding the unusual book - most likely magical. A man who looks like old majordomo attacks you and shows his true identity - young man. He leads you to the trap and tells that Azada has chosen you. Man called you a friend, although his actions didn't look friendly (at least in the first place).
Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition Screenshot 1
Now you must trust in struggle to protect Azada... An evil sorcerer attacks magical worlds of Azada, hidden on the pages of the ancient magical book. This magic book holds the entire worlds! You must protect those worlds from the ruthless invasion, but remember: some of those worlds in Azada: In Libro bring no less danger, than evil sorcerer himself.
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To stop the sorcerer you will travel to those mystical worlds, some of them are like heaven, others - hellish. To save Azada you will overcome various mystical obstacles, fight with monsters and even demons, but not every creature you will meet is bad. Some of the original inhabitants of magical worlds struggles against the sorcerer too, so he captured and leave them imprisoned. You must free them and later some of those creatures will help you too.
Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition Screenshot 3
Music in Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition game is really something: beautiful and melodic, tense when your life is in danger. Graphics isn't bad but pretty usual for Hidden object games. I may say that developers used the same game engine as in many previous games of this type. Summing up, gameplay is good and that is all we need to relish.
Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition Screenshot 4
As you surely notice form the game name, Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition is the third part of Azada game series. First game called simply Azada. It combined standard point & click game mechanics with hidden items haunting and puzzles - for those times such combination was almost revolutionary. First part of the game series starts in a locked room, where you meeting the spirit, that called himself Titus. He was imprisoned in the manor by the evil uncle. To save him and let him free you must explore the manor and solve all puzzles, created by the uncle.
Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition Screenshot 5
There was match 3 puzzles in Azada, memory matching, and moreover, each game chapter had it's own time limit, not little (usually about 30 minutes or so), but you were receiving some adrenaline. Game was nice, but it biggest feature - huge number of puzzles was also the weakness of the game - not everyone likes all kinds of puzzles so some gamers dislike it.
Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition Screenshot 6
Second game, Azada: Ancient Magic, was successful sequel of no less successful first Azada game. Now young Titus himself was disarming a magical menace. Game had a great perplexing puzzles and deep wonderful atmosphere. His quest leads him through the library of classic literature, so Titus visited lots of magical places and tale stories - Dracula, Rapunzel and so on (about two dozens in the complete game). As you may understand some of the stories were very dangerous. The only game's weakness was it's shortness. And now at least we can play the third part.
Azada 3: In Libro Collector's Edition Screenshot 7
As previous parts Azada: In Libro is a genre-bending title with interesting story, fun puzzles and great graphics. Game is really great and exciting. Unfortunately you may not call Azada 3 a long game, even with a bonus chapter (although it isn't short either). So this game is recommended for every Hidden object/Puzzle/Adventure game fun.
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Rating: 4.6/5.
 for $ 13.99 only!

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