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Hello, my dear friends. Today I will overview new interesting Hidden Object, Adventure, Puzzle game - Hallowed Legends: Templar. It's the second part of the Hallowed Legends game series, first one called Hallowed Legends: Samhain. But we will talk about it later, firstly we are going to see gameplay video from game developers.
Gameplay itself is pretty usual for the Hidden Object games - solving puzzles, looking for the hidden objects etc. But I was really impressed by the Hallowed Legends 2: Templar game videos. Characters animation quality reminds me about Avatar - it's really great! looks like developers used motion-capture technology or something. That's a real advantage for gaming atmosphere - all in the game is look so real!
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition main menu
Storyline of the first part of Hallowed Legends (Hallowed Legends: Samhain) was pretty unusual: it was telling us about old Celtic holiday Samhain history. Game starts with Samhain festival, based on the Celtic folklore. Actions of the game taking place in Cornwall, England, where Robert, a former reporter and ex-fiancee of main heroine, was discovering some supernatural leads. But it's okay, problems starts when this festival has gone missing, missing completely! So your sole task was to find and save those missing people and to find out, why the has gone missing and what connection this case has with old Celtic legends about creepy Samhain day - day, when all spirits and demons are moving loose on Earth and can eat the souls of the living.
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition screenshot 1
During resolving these mystery in the end you were fighting with the gods of yore themselves to save the kidnapped people. You defeated them, discover all the secrets lies behind this Gaelic festival and return saved humans to their hopeless families. This game has interesting story concept and varied gameplay (quests were very interesting, there were variety kinds of puzzles). Graphics was also very good. Hallowed Legends: Samhain last longer than most adventures. So game was exciting and successful.
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition screenshot 2
And now we can see the second part of this successful game - Hallowed Legends 2: Templar. Storyline of this episode is even better, then in the first part: modern town is attacked by the Knights of the Templar! When your brother's wife took him to her hometown, strange things appears there. Templars (looks like directly from the medieval era) besieged and captured this town, they are attacking and killing everyone here. They aren't look completely human: some magical blue mist surrounds them, and although Templars has  physical bodies, they also has horrifying ability to steal humans souls, leaving behind their dead empty shells.
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition screenshot 3
Those evil Knights of the Templar has been exploded the town's dam, that caused the giant wave on the town's streets and lots of deaths of the townsfolk. Now some town's districts are flooded, others are devastated by the Templars and there are lot of dead bodies everywhere. Destiny of your brother and his wife remains unknown. So know it's up to you to find out, what happened with your kin, why those Templars seized the town and what are they want. It want be easy to discover the hidden truth behind the attack.
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition screenshot 4
You must find out, from where these strange figures has come from and what villain is behind this attack. You must explore splendid locations of this town and collect the clues, leading to the lair of the evildoer, that caused devastation of your brother's wife hometown. Save the survivors of the attack, extinguish fires, open jammed locks - nothing should stand on your way to your family! Track down and stop the Knights of the Templar!
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition screenshot 5
For now Big Fish games released only Collector's edition of Hallowed Legends 2: Templar, it includes Integrated Strategy Guide (may be useful in some really complicated scenes and puzzles) full of pictures and detailed descriptions, Bonus Gameplay Chapter (story of this chapter will lead you to the battle with big red dragon), wallpapers, concept art and soundtrack. Strategy guide and Bonus chapter are the most valuable elements here.
Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition screenshot 6
Summing up, Hallowed Legends: Templar  is a rich, well-crafted Hidden object Adventure game. Storyline isn't tightly connected with the first part of Hallowed Legends, so even if you missed it you can start your familiarity from the second part and relish (you aren't going to miss anything). Add to that some fun unlockables and a reasonably engaging bonus chapter and you have the formula for a first class Hidden object Puzzle Adventure game.
Download Hallowed Legends 2: Templar Collector's Edition
 for only $ 13.99!

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