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Twisted lands: Insomniac
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Hi there. Today we will review new BigFish game: Twisted Lands: Insomniac. It is the second part of Twisted Lands gaming series. First let's watch video about this interesting game:
BigFish exclusively released the Collector's Edition of Twisted Lands: Insomniac game. It includes tons of additional stuff:
1) The most important part of collector's edition - included additional gameplay: added new levels, Hidden object scenes and puzzles, even a little independent plot branch. So with this collectors edition you will spend in the game's world a few hours more.
2) As usual, this BigFish games Collector's Editions includes integrated Strategy guide. It is fully illustrated and includes solutions and hints for all complicated places of the game, where you can stuck. Moreover, it includes videos of most important game moments to make your life easier.
3) Lot of cool wallpapers, that will wonderfully decorate any desktop. Also there is many concept art drawings, some of them even doesn't included in the game.
4) Another usual part of almost any Collector's Edition - game soundtrack.
These elements of Collector's edition (in addition to the Insomniac game itself) provide enough pleasure to pay 7 additional dollars for it.
However, let's review the game itself.
 First of all let's take a look on scenario. It's really unusual: your heroine, Angel, must escape from the mental hospital. Moreover, Angel is mentally ill... really, really ill. So sometimes she can see things, that are really not there and vice versa. It's a little similar to the script of Zack Snyder "Sucker Punch" movie. Your environment can be drastically changed, so be ready to it.
The connection with the first part of the game isn't very tight: Angel is the wife of the hero from the first part of this game.
On your way to freedom and mental health you will look for many hidden objects, solve different complicated puzzles and move through different mysterious locations. You can use note book and hints to solve hard puzzles and brain teasers. You will even create special chemical compounds.
Be ready to see some horrifying things, that can make you scream. If you are waiting for something shiny, nice and kind - you are in the wrong place. Escape the doctor's attention and find your way out from imprisonment. Learn the hidden truth of Angel's past. Open sealed and locked doors, solve mysterious quests, run to your freedom!
Graphics of Twisted Lands: Insomniac is really great. All videos are fully animated and very realistic, game play has photographic quality. Sounds and delightful music creates really creepy atmosphere, that can affect your own mental state too :) Videos about the past are black and white,  adding a lot to the game's atmosphere. Cross the fragile boundaries of reality, explore the warped path of twisted mind!
If you will be clever and brave enough, you will discover the terrible origins of current horrors. Escape the twisted landscape of the mind! Try this game now and you won't regret it! Good luck!
Buy Collector's Edition Unlimited version for only $13.99!
Mac version: 

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