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Two girls, two famous musicians. What could happen, if one of them will be abducted? Silent Nights: The Pianist will give you the answer...
Rating 4.2/5
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Hello, my friends,  today Big Fish Games published new game, new Collector's Edition - Silent Nights: The Pianist. As usual it belongs to the Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure genre combination. I can remember only two cases of Collector's Editions not being HOGs during the last year - Royal  Envoy 2 Collector's Edition, nice Time Management game and Drawn 3: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition - pure Adventure game with Puzzle elements. Of course, there was also Fairway Collector's Edition, but I really didn't like such combination of golf and card game (although Fairway is pretty popular among other gamers). But let's watch video with Silent Nights: The Pianist gameplay to find more about today's game:
Two things connected with this Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition Trailer: first - game is about music and musicians, even some of the puzzles are connected with the music, singing and musical instruments.  Second - I wasn't really impressed by the game graphics, especially after Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle. You can miss it in the darkness, but when we are coming into the lighted location, poor detailing is fully exposing itself. But let's not judge game by its cover and start to review Silent Nights: The Pianist more closely.
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Screenshot of the main menu.
For generations your family gained fame and weight for the famous musicians, grown inside the family. Tradition of the musical education for every family member is almost sacred and in the end gained the family incredible wealth. From century to century almost every member of your bloodline was a gifted, talented musician - composer, singer, guitarist, pianist, organist, violinist, cellist and harpist etc. The same happens with you and your sister Yvette, so to the time when Silent Nights: The Pianist begins both of you appeared to be great musicians - vocalist and pianist.
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Take the shovel and dig.
For years both of you gave performances all over the country, sometimes even in foreign concert halls. And the time has come to turn back home, to return where you belongs. You and Yvette are called to perform a vocal concert in your hometown, and both of you agreed to do so with a great pleasure. Maybe you haven't seen your family for a long time but it doesn't mean you don't want to. Yvette came to your homeland first, you were going just after her. Thats when the problems of Silent Nights: The Pianist begins.
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Welcome to hotel reception.
When you arrived you find out that horrible thing happened - Yvette has been kidnapped! Your hometown looks deserted and empty, you can't find any man on the streets.And you are in desperate need for help of the police, your family, anyone's help!  But there is no help coming. So Silent Night has begin and it's time for musician to play role of the private detective.
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Screenshot of the harp.
Soon, exploring the half-deserted town in Silent Nights: The Pianist you will find out, that Yvette was not a random victim, she's now a part of diabolical plan, dangerous for many people. She was abducted by the ancient organization, wearing robes to hide their true identities. Those mysterious group are planning to use Yvette talent for the dark and dangerous purpose, and what is most disturbing, it will absolutely lead Yvette to death.
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Screenshot of the nasty night rain.
It's not the first time the musician will carry justice to the criminals. You may remember film El mariachi by Robert Rodriguez, where traveling mariachi was taking the guns and fighting crime. This time you wouldn't kill anyone, but you should find a way to your sister and save her before Yvette will be silenced forever. Although you just  the Pianist for your sister you will pick locks, ram the gates with your car, blow the walls with the dynamite - do everything it takes to save your singer-sister!

Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Screenshot of diamond and emerald.
Members of the ancient cult will do anything to stop you and kill you - they will set traps for you, they will shoot you with their guns, they will try to lock you up forever. Only wits and clever use of usual objects may help you to complete Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition and save Yvette from the terrible doom. Can you save your sister, or her beautiful voice will be silenced?
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Screenshot of the abandoned basement.
System requirements of the Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition is moderate: you will need only 2.0 GHz CPU to play game without lags, 512 Mb of memory, 485 MB of free space on your HDD and any Windows OS - from XP to Windows 7. Windows 8 not supported. Installation file size is about half gigabyte so you will need good Internet connection to download game fast.
Collector's Edition of Silent Nights: The Pianist for Windows from the Big Fish Games costs 13.99 U.S. dollars. For this money first of all you will gain early access to the game (Standard Edition will be available only in the middle of the April). Collector's Edition also includes Integrated Strategy Guide (usual for Big Fish - detailed description with pictures and screens for every game scene), bonus gameplay (with an intriguing start start - you are finding yourself trapped and chained inside the room), Wallpapers and Concept Art. Of course, music from the game are also included in the soundtrack (it would be strange if it were otherwise - in the end game is about music and musicians).
Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition. Will you drink from this glass of vine?
Now let's sum up. Silent Nights: The Pianist is not a bad Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game, system requirements are normal, Collector's edition complectation of Silent Nights: The Pianist is also good. But there is something missing in the game, something important. Maybe developers just didn't include their soul into the game, maybe it's something else, but The Pianist isn't so entertaining as other HOGs. Some puzzles are too easy,and IMHO there's too many puzzles with fictional alphabet created by the game developers. Some letters in it is look like Vietnamese and differences one from another only by a dot or a short line, or a little curve. In some puzzles it may be annoying. Almost all hidden object scenes are dark, not the dangerously or beautifully dark but darkly gray and without contrast. I completed the game, I liked the finale and final quests, but I gained less fun than usual from this game. But although I still have fun, I may recommend to download Silent Nights: The Pianist, at least if you have no more interesting games waiting in line. Good luck!
Rating 4.2/5
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  1. Don't agree with your rating, I love this game. Nice review though.

  2. Your review as good as always!