Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle Collector's/Standard Edition Review & Download

Once again you will become a part of Mystery Trackers Order! This time you will go the the distant island in search of missed journalist and other islanders. Mysterious hooded figure with supernatural abilities will try to stop you in Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle Collector's Edition.
Rating: 5.0/5
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Hello, my dearest friends and readers! It happened what we've been waiting for such a long time - Mystery Trackers 3 released. That's a third time when you should wear clothes of Mystery Trackers Order apprentice to prove your ability to fight paranormal crimes. As usual Big Fish Game released only Collector's edition of Mystery Trackers: Black Isle, this long-awaited game from the Elephant Games, trying to get maximal profits from the impatient gamers. There is also Mac version available. Let's see, what Elephant games prepared for us.
Short Mystery Trackers 3 overview can be found in the next game video:
When I watched gameplay of Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle for the first time - my jaw dropped. I have never seen such incredible character animation in any Hidden Object game, in any casual game, in any game at all! Some casual games creators already tried to use photos in the games, and until those photos was fixed  everything looked good. But when someone on the screen was moving or was speaking, nightmare begin.
Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle Collector's Edition Main Menu
This time everything is different. Elephant Games didn't spent money, received from the Mystery Trackers 1-2 for nothing (I mean, for entertainment, buying a new cars and houses) on the contrary they pay to the real actors, hired stuff for implementing character animation in the game core. And the results are really impressive. But let's talk about the  Black Isle storyline.
Missing cameraman
Before we begin our story of Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle, let's remember previous parts of Mystery Trackers game series. First Part was called Mystery Trackers: The Void, second - Mystery Trackers: Raincliff. In the first game - Mystery Trackers: The Void - actions took place in the Void family mansion. Once upon a time it used to be a gorgeous home, until Dr. Malleus Void inherited it. This creepy doctor spent his time doing terrible experiments in the home, leading to the numerous deaths among his patients, so the manor has been abandoned for an entire decade. After three world famous celebrities (writer Kevin Sting, actress Rebeca Thatcher, and magician Jerald Springs) gone missing inside this cursed Void house, it was up to the Mystery Trackers to go inside and solve its mysteries once and for all.
Scary doll
Someone claimed that The Void was clone of the Mystery Case Files series, because storyline and main gameplay are really similar. But this game was independent and good enough to spent time with her. Game brings real enjoyment, there was neither too small nor blurry objects. Animation was great (for example, where hint becoming available - hint-frog was climbing onto the pedestal). The story was partly hidden from you, to understand it completely you should read all journals and diaries you found. And in the end The Void become very popular among the gamers.
Mystery Trackers done their job. House mysteries were revealed, and evil was punished. and the time for sequel has come.
Those dogs are going to eat you!
Second game was called Mystery Trackers 2: Raincliff. There were not only three people missing - entire group of students now disappeared in the city of Raincliff! This time you was searching town looking for any traces of missing students, and someone watches you, trying to mislead and stop you. And remember that town was abandoned for ten years, so who knows what can you meet there.
Find the secret behind the elephants!
This game was really long and exciting, Mystery Trackers this time met the ultimate challenge - even bus driver, that drive students to Raincliff, disappeared too. Two phantoms was attacking you all the way through Raincliff, but unsuccessful. To find out all game secrets, just as in the first part, you should read all side info on the found diaries and papers. No hidden object scenes repeated twice - another pros for a Mystery Trackers 2. Atmosphere, graphics, music, landscape - everything in Mystery Trackers 2 was really incredible. The only minus was the absence of the voice acting.
Poor monkey
As you may see, the scale from part to part becomes bigger and bigger - the mansion - the city - the island! And the game length of Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle is also huge (especially counting Bonus Chapter, included in the Collector's Edition).
This time actions taking place on the distant island - Black Isle. Young journalist Sarah Steplton went there with her cameraman to make a reportage about this strange place. Island was abandoned few years ago after the terrific earthquake. But this quake was really strange - when rescue team arrives to the island, worried because any contacts with the island was lost - they found nothing, no corpses, no survivors - absolute emptiness. And the strangest thing - all buildings survived the earthquake, nothing fallen apart or destroyed.
Where is the butterfly?
For a time island was forgotten and empty, but just before Mystery Trackers: Black Isle story starts, in search of hot news famous TV show sent his best reporter - miss Steplton - to the island. Unfortunately for everyone she was attacked by some faded figure in a mask in a middle of her live reportage. She was possibly kidnapped or even killed, cameraman has gone missing too from that unsuccessful broadcast. So the Mystery Trackers order sent you, it's best best detective, to the Black Isle to find Sarah and her team.
Good doggies!
You will explore the entire island, looking for roots of happening, trying to discover the identity of the power, used by the hooded man and to find whereabouts of missing journalist. You will use your Hidden Object talents and solve complicated puzzles (mostly open various locks) to investigate the Black Isle and unravel all its secrets! Just like in previous games you won't know the whole answers from the main game process - instead you should carefully read all materials you finding during the game. Mystery Trackers 3 game is long, but you won't be bored - atmosphere is incredible and your life often is in danger.
Who's seating there in Mystery Trackers 3?
It will be easy to find missing operator and other team members, but journalist itself is well hidden. So discovering her prison and true nature of your enemy in Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle will be hard and connected with various dangers (for example, wild dogs may bite you to death if you fail to stop them). Puzzles are clever and various, hints are available to help you in hard cases (but you wouldn't use them too often - most puzzles are pretty logical and not hard to solve). In Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle all necessary elements for  best hidden object games are connected in the right proportion.
Cafe of Broken Dreams
Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle won't require very powerful PC for comfort play. It will be enough to have 2.5 GHz CPU (1 core will be enough) 1024 MB of RAM (I suppose it's hard to find a PC with less RAM nowadays) and DirectX 9.0 (it's free to download, so I can't see any problems with this demand). Of course, Black Isle won't work with Windows 98 - you need at least Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7. There is no version for Mac OS for now, but it will be available soon. For Collector's Edition you should have at least 800 MB of free space on your HDD, standard edition demand at this point remains unknown.
Controlled lightning may become a nightmare!
No game before gain such rating as 5.0/5 from me. But I must admit: I loved Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle. This is the best Hidden Object game I played for years. Maybe there is some minor flows I missed, for example, someone may find this game too long, but for me it's just another advantage. Mystery Trackers 3 game includes high-quality puzzles, perfect music and sounds. But the most important elements for me - storyline and character animation are really wonderful, especially animation - it's the first game where characters are completely real, just like in the best movie. Download Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle Collector's Edition and I promise: you won't regret it!
Rating: 5.0/5
Download Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle Collector's Edition
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