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Hello, my dear friends. Today is Thursday, so it's time to review newest Big Fish Game - Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition. It devoted to popular ghost thematic. First of all, let's watch gameplay video from Big Fish.
As you can see, gameplay of Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition is interesting, but pretty usual for Hidden Object Big Fish Games. There are many beautiful Hidden object scenes, surrounded by various puzzles. Sometimes you will see animated videos,created on the game's engine. Nothing new, nothing extraordinary, but everything made professionally.
Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition is dedicated to the thematics of life and death. Storyline begins with a terrible car accident, where your protagonist, Amy Walters, was severely injured and lost consciousness.
But when she is awake, Amy has no wounds at all. But it was the only good news that she found. Amy Walters is trapped in some unknown small town, Resurrection, placed in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. There are no humans here, only ghosts and spirits are flying over abandoned streets of Resurrection. Some of them are full of hatred, others trying to help you to find your way out.
It's look like Resurrection is alive and it's consuming the souls of near-death travelers, becoming stronger with the time. Everyone, who was trapped in this cursed town in New Mexico (just like you) after a short time were dead and becoming a restless souls too. So you must find your way out ASAP, or Resurrection will consume your soul forever. And some suspicious flying giant serpent is following you for unknown reasons.
You have a serious reason to live further: your daughter! She's alive and you must find a way to reunite with her. She is too small and tender to become an orphan. So hurry, find your way to freedom, break the dark will of Resurrection, concentrated in it's evil sheriff! Remember: in the real world you are lying on operation table, surgeons are fighting for your life, so if you won't find the way out from Resurrection, your soul won't come back in your body and their efforts will be in vain.
System requirements of the game isn't too high: any Windows starting with XP, 481 MB of free space on your HDD, 1.6 GHz processor (Intel or AMD), DirectX: 9.0, 1024 MB RAM. Any modern computer will be able to run Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition freely.
Collector's edition of Resurrection, New Mexico includes:
1. Integrated Strategy Guide. As usual, it includes pictures with all hidden objects highlighted, text strategy for puzzles solving.
2. Additional bonus gameplay. Not much, for a two hours of playing (or even for an hour, if you are a fast player), but it's a pleasant addition for main storyline.
3. Additional brain teasers. They aren't connected to the main storyline, but some of them can entertain you for a little time.
4. Wallpapers and concept art. Some of us are loving this stuff.
5. Soundtrack. Fine nice tense Wild west melodies, nice, but nothing special.
Summing up, Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's edition game is successful, it's interesting. You are living the life of Amy Walters and willing to save her. But there is something missing here... it's even hard to say, what exactly. All components alone - story, gameplay, graphics, sound are great, perfection was near, but game developers had missed it. Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's edition game is good, but not a masterpiece.
 for only $13.99!

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