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Hi everyone, today I will tell you about newest exclusive Big Fish Game, created by Media Art - Love Story: The Beach Cottage. It's another Hidden object/Puzzle/Adventure game, but not the usual one. This game is about simple and true first love.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage Main Menu
What are we facing in the usual Hidden object game? You/your relatives/beloved one/children/whole world are in grave danger, you must break dangerous spell, sorcerers and demons are trying to kill everyone, some hidden evil lurks, enemies, spirits and ghosts are everywhere... None of these you can found in Love Story: The Beach Cottage. But what can you found here? Let's see gameplay video.

A touching and heart-tearing story of love and suffering is the main rod of the Love Story: The Beach Cottage. All game is filled with old hopeless passion and memories. It told us about first love - true love - of the game main character - Sandra.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot
She was unhappy in her first love, that happened forty years ago in her family Beach Cottage. After broke up Sandra leave this beautiful place and never returned - she didn't want to feel again her heart-breaking memories.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot 2
But the time has come past her, and soul wounds has been closed and cured. Memories were buried in the deepest stashes of her mind and Sandra has found inside herself power and will to live forward.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot 3
She isn't young now, she's lived long and good life. And now life giving her another chance to reassemble memories about these first true feelings of her. Her father died and to fulfill his last will, written in his testament, she must return to the Beach Cottage. To the place, she was unsuccessfully tried to forget during 40 years.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot 4
Now she must reopen the Beach Cottage for herself and remember all painful memories about first meeting with her true love, first smile, first touch, first kiss... Sandra must relive the memories of her loss and become stronger in the process.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot 5

As you can see, the story of this game isn't usual - there is no hidden evil in this game, no evil at all. You won't meet some dangers, there is no traps and monsters here. You aren't going save the world. But... do we really have to save the world every time?
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot 6
Story is simple, but it didn't make the game less touching and kind. Love Story: The Beach Cottage leaves after strange and pleasant feeling of heart-pain. Sandra memories are making you sad and thoughtful. If you already have someone you love, maybe you will want to call him right now to say you love him so much, or if he/she is near you - to hug him truly strong. This game won't leave you unmoved.
Love Story: The Beach Cottage screenshot 7
And Love Story: The Beach Cottage gameplay is pretty entrancing itself. Picture is colorful and pleasant, it shows us abandoned Cottage, beach, beautiful forest landscapes, that are perfectly emphasized the storyline.
Developers do their best to make this game exciting and dreamy. Some puzzles are very interesting and challenging, even in Hidden object scenes you will find tasks you may never face before, for example, to find pairs of related objects.
Play this game. There isn't many games of that quality. Love Story: The Beach Cottage will touch your heart, it may even change your opinion about feelings and relationships. Maybe, you will even understand, that there is no worst word than "Too late".
 for $ 6.99 only!

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