[25.62 MB] Download Bomb the Monsters! Final Free Game


[25.62 MB] Download Bomb the Monsters! Final Free Game
Once upon a time, there was a happy painter who lived with his beautiful wife. One day, a group of unknown and unidentified angry creatures known as The Monsters, invaded Earth. They have captured the painter's wife and exhausted all of Earth's resources!
The Monsters comes in various sizes and they are extremely sticky. Due to the physical structure of their bodies, these monsters can stick to almost anything! Everything in the game uses physics attributes, use this to your advantage!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • 60 levels and 6 different worlds
  • 10+ unlockable items!
  • Breath-taking animations and music
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This long-awaited PC game Bomb the Monsters meets all criterias to the world's legendary games. You will be able to lost into capital world of stunning relaxation in Bomb PC game. You will have to put to inventory many items too in Bomb the Monsters!, some are thrown elsewhere among the places, others can be obtained during Arcade & Action scenes. Download this majestic PC game for free and you will dive into neat and mesmerizing encirclement of spectacular Monsters! game.

Title Post: [25.62 MB] Download Bomb the Monsters! Final Free Game
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