[77.08 MB] Download Floria Final Free Game

[77.08 MB] Download Floria Final Free Game
Floria was a beautiful and prosperous land. Until one day, an evil sorcerer stole its magic power and locked it into thousands of colored tiles. The evil sorcerer was defeated, but the magic power remained locked in these tiles, and the tiles were scattered throughout the land. Collect these tiles and help return life to Floria to make it habitable again!
  • 3 game modes – Timed, Limited Moves, Relaxed
  • A perfect mix of popular genres!
  • Brilliant artwork
  • 5 eye-catching characters!
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Varied minigames, startling and rorty graphic arts, eximious and sweet sounding will grab your attention for a long time when you will play Floria. You can download and install Floria game for free and it'll take a few minutes if you use fast Cable/ADSL connection. Floria locations forces you to fulfil some sly challenges. Floria game quest makes it special and interesting enough to force every enjoy to reach Floria copestone.

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