[466.98 MB] Download The Others Final Free Game

[466.98 MB] Download The Others Final Free Game
A local toymaker and all his factory workers mysteriously vanished on the same night. It's up to you, ace reporter Mary Bingham, to delve into the town's hidden mysteries to discover the truth. But first you'll need to understand the strange inhabitants to solve the riddle of the shuttered toy factory. Is the ominous figure in black trying to help you, or is he leading you into certain peril? What lies beyond the elaborate labyrinth? Uncover a new world of shocking secrets as you hunt for clues in this heart-stopping mystery-adventure!
  • An exciting out-of-this-world adventure
  • Novel inventory system enriches gameplay
  • Truly unique and challenging mini-games
The Others comprises toilless process of playing, festive videosequence and refined descant, this topping HOPA Mac, PC game has a look and sound of perfection. Be sure - spirituel sounds of The Others with its luscious reflection of sprightly atm of Hidden Object, Adventure genre will made you one of The Others adorers. You wouldn't stop listening to it! So The Others is one of the most flawless PC and Mac games of Adventure/Puzzle genre and you will never regret the part of your being spent on this Mac and PC game The Others.

Title Post: [466.98 MB] Download The Others Final Free Game
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