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Repair home, destoyed by the hurricane, using Match 3 gameplay to collect necessary energy in the forest...
Traditionally sorry for not being here for half of an year and let's try new format for this tiny funny  game - Magic Time! I'm calling it micro-review :) 
And as always first we'll see Magic Time gameplay video on YouTube:
 (follow this link if video doesn't work for you)
For now full version isn't published yet, but it cant prevent having fun with Magic Time! 
First of all, Magic Time game combining elements of Hidden Object gameplay, as shown on screen below, where we collecting some rubbish from the yard of our hero
 And classical Match 3 gameplay, to collect energy, needed to repair our home and buy various improvements for it. For successful play you will gain many trophies and achievements.
In your trophy room you can see achievements that you already have and that you can still earn, for example for level finished in less than 20 percent of the time, ten levels completed without leaving the game or 35 chips deleted in one move. Try to collect all achievements of Magic Time and see what happens! Set off the fireworks to show the world how beautiful your house is!
 After completing of each level (no matter Relaxed or Timed mode were selected), you will see statistics and collected bonuses.
 Then you will improve elements of your house in Magic Time game, buying doors, lanterns and windows! Graphics may be better, but anyway game is funny enough.
Hope this short review will show you, that game is definitely worth trying. When final version of Magic Time will be published, download link will be replaced! See you next time!

Magic Time Reviews,
6 out of 10 based on 114 ratings

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